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2024 Spring Event Schedule


March 10th 10:00-2:00pm

Reflexology Reboot: A Layered Approach to Healing

w/ Erin Gregg Healing


Did you know that your entire body system is mapped out in the soles of your feet? Wild, but TRUE! As a holistic healer, Erin will use your feet as the key to decode your body's deficiencies and needs. She will also provide energy healing to help cleanse and restore your subtle body. You'll get an analytic and intuitive reading of your feet and an amazing aromatherapy footbath and massage to boot, to REBOOT! Come relax, unwind, learn about yourself, and be pointed in the direction of healing that your foot maps are asking for. 

Cost: $85 per participant, appointment only.

If booking for more than one participant, please book separately to ensure proper filing of time slots.


March 18th  6:00-7:30pm 

Holy Fire Reiki Experience

w/ Leo McCarthy


This experience will start with knowledge of Holy Fire and its history. It will include a brief guided meditation followed by Holy Fire energy work with each individual participant, providing a unique healing experience that contains what each individual needs. Some people will have inner experiences such as seeing colors or feeling waves of healing energy flowing through them, others will simply feel relaxed, but everyone will receive something meaningful that will continue to produce benefits even after the event. Everyone will also be provided with a journal to write an entry in as the final portion of the experience. 

Cost: $55 per participant, pre-registration required


 March 24th 12:30-2:30pm

Supporting the Microbiome Sourdough Workshop

w/ Maggie Powers


All hands-on learners, this one is for you! Come learn all about the gut microbiome, how it impacts our overall health and wellness, and ways to support it in this interactive educational experience. During this class we will sample some sourdough treats and you will be provided with a sourdough starter and the opportunity and instructions to administer your first feed to the starter at our feeding station! Walk out the door with your sourdough starter and recipes to start baking foods to promote gut health. This sourdough starter will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Your ticket will also include a sample of a gut supporting herbal blend to take home.

$60 per participant, pre-registration required.


April 8th 6:30-8:00pm 

New Moon in Aries 

Candles. Cosmos. Connections. 


Join us as local astrology and tarot practitioner, Christine West, provides us with an astrological forecast outlining the energies of the Aries New Moon and offers a bit of cosmic intel through her unique interpretation. The herbalists at Thyme, Heather & Britney, will introduce you to herbs that foster this big new moon energy and teach you how to set and manifest powerful intentions. Together we will lay the foundation for you to pave your own independent new moon rituals all the lunar year through. This collaborative team will guide the group as you each hand roll Aries Moon-loving herbs into your very own beeswax ritual candle to take home and light as you set your intentions. All the while we'll sip on a new moon tea blend crafted to spark-up the new beginnings this lunation has to offer.  We will close the night with a collective tarot reading for our group.  

$50 per participant, pre-registration required.


May 5th 11:00- 1:00pm

  Psychic Reading

w/ Gary McKinstry


Gary McKinstry, an internationally known psychic medium, will be at Thyme sharing his gift to connect with the spirit world in an intimate group setting. Each participant will experience a connection. Group limited to 10 participants.

$85 per participant, pre-registration required.


May 5th 3:00 - 4:30pm

Mocktail Mingle 

w/ Britney & Heather 


Thyme’s Mocktail Mingle is a fun and interactive event where participants can learn to make their own herbal mocktail recipes. The girls at Thyme will demonstrate how to make three herbal infused mocktails and provide all ingredients for participants to make their fourth in an interactive portion of the event. They will also demonstrate how to infuse your own lavender simple syrup and provide a 2oz infused simple syrup to take home. In addition, a mocktail recipe card will be provided for future mocktail making adventures. After all drinks are made, participants can sip, mingle, and enjoy. 

 $50 per participant, Pre-registration required.


May 12th 9:00- 1:00pm

  Grow Your Own Medicine: Medicinal Herb Sidewalk Sale

Save the date this Mother's Day! Come on by and grab your live organic medicinal plants from Gilberties Organics in CT. These established seedlings are ready to find a new home in your backyard gardens or containers. Feel empowered as you prepare to grow your own medicine at home.

While we will have a selection of plants on site for you to choose from, these will go fast and pre-ordering is highly recommended to ensure you get the plants you're looking for. List of available medicinal plants and pre-order information to follow. 


June 2nd 10:00-11:30am 

Lymph Love and Gua Sha

w/ Jen Anderson

Come learn the importance of the lymphatic system. Together with Jen Anderson, Thyme will provide casual discussion and education on the functions of the lymphatic system, tools and techniques to facilitate lymph drainage, and the signs and detriments associated with stagnant lymph. Each participant will be gifted with a rose quartz Gua Sha stone and sample of Thyme's Holy Grail squalane oil use in class (and at a home) while Jen demonstrates proper technique to encourage lymphatic drainage in the face and neck. Participants will sip on a custom prepared herbal infusion geared to show your lymphatic system some love. This experience will leave you feeling informed, relaxed, and empowered. 

$80 per participant, pre-registration required.



All ticket sales are non-refundable. In the event inclement weather forces closure, we will attempt to reschedule, and you will be extended an invite to attend the alternative date with no additional charge.

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