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Thyme Herbal Apothecary proudly presents our community with the resources to take charge of your own health and wellness. We offer a vast selection of over 200 organic and sustainably wildcrafted nutritive herbs, loose leaf teas and spices. In addition to our apothecary items, you'll find that we have far more than just herbs to explore! We also offer a variety of teas, tisanes, tonics, supplements, balms, salves, salts, oils...and all the right accompaniments to aid you on your holistic journey.

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  • Heather

    Co-Founder, Budding Herbalist

    After spending nearly 15 years as an inpatient, high acuity Registered Nurse, I knew it was time for a career change. While I loved being a nurse and acquired an invaluable amount of knowledge throughout my career, I had been feeling stagnant and unfulfilled in the hospital setting for quite some time. I still had a strong desire to help heal and guide my community, yet I felt driven more so than ever to do this by incorporating a more natural and holistic approach. I had been utilizing the benefits of plant medicine within my own family unit for over two decades and knew it was time to learn more. I wanted to know more about not just WHAT was happening within body, but WHY it was happening and HOW I could identify and correct the root causes of the symptoms I was seeing...and so I dug right in and began to truly uncover the answers I was looking for. My journey of health empowerment has been incredible and I look forward to helping instill the same sense of overall health, wellness and liberation within you!

  • Britney

    Co-Founder, Non-Toxic Wellness Advocate

    Growing up I always had a passion for helping others. The human body amazed me more than most young children my age. I knew then that I would fulfill a career in the medical field, and that passion did in fact lead me to a wonderfully fulfilling career as an Registered Nurse. I mastered an abundance of skills in my years on the hospital floor and in the ICU's, but even after fulfilling my dream, I still had this urge to learn more. After educating myself on the values of toxin elimination, the two sides of my world collided. I wanted to help my community find clean and natural ways to stay healthy, while helping explore the root cause of existing problems and not just treating symptoms. It was then that I decided to explore my new dream to help others find naturally supported health and wellness. I am so very excited to not only share my knowledge, but to continue learning and growing on this journey with you.

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