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❄️ Winter Event Schedule ❄️


February 11th 2:30-4:30pm

Supporting the Microbiome: A Sourdough WorkshoP

w/ Fresh Care Integrative Medicine


Hands on learners, this one is for you! Come learn all about the gut microbiome, how it impacts our overall health and wellness, and ways to support it in this interactive educational experience. During this class we will sample some sourdough treats and you will be provided with a sourdough starter and the opportunity and instructions to administer your first feed at our feeding station! Walk out the door with your sourdough starter and recipes ready to take home and start baking foods that promote gut health. This sourdough starter will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Your ticket will also include a sample of a gut supporting herbal blend to take home.

Cost: $60 per participant, pre-registration required


February 11th 10:00-2:00pm

Tarot Reading

w/ Wicked Folked


This event quickly sold out on our last schedule, and we had several requests for it to appear again, so here is your chance if you missed it! Gain insight into your life situations to determine the most beneficial course of action to move forward regarding your relationships, career paths, or just guidance in general. Christine will be offering clarity, guidance, and direction through her 4 card tarot spreads. What story do your cards tell?

Cost: $35 per participant, appointment only.

If booking for more than one participant, please book separately to ensure proper filing of time slots. 


March 10th 10:00-2:00pm

Reflexology Reboot: A Layered Approach to Healing

w/ Erin Gregg Healing


Did you know that your entire body system is mapped out in the soles of your feet? Wild, but TRUE! As a holistic healer, Erin will use your feet as the key to decode your body's deficiencies and needs. She will also provide energy healing to help cleanse and restore your subtle body. You'll get an analytic and intuitive reading of your feet and an amazing aromatherapy footbath and massage to boot, to REBOOT! Come relax, unwind, learn about yourself, and be pointed in the direction of healing that your foot maps are asking for. 

Cost: $85 per participant, appointment only.

If booking for more than one participant, please book separately to ensure proper filing of time slots.


March 18th  6:00-7:30pm 

Holy Fire Reiki Experience

w/ Leo McCarthy


This experience will start with knowledge of Holy Fire and its history. It will include a brief guided meditation followed by Holy Fire energy work with each individual participant, providing a unique healing experience that contains what each individual needs. Some people will have inner experiences such as seeing colors or feeling waves of healing energy flowing through them, others will simply feel relaxed, but everyone will receive something meaningful that will continue to produce benefits even after the event. Everyone will also be provided with a journal to write an entry in as the final portion of the experience. 

Cost: $55 per participant, pre-registration required


All ticket sales are non-refundable. In the event inclement weather forces closure, we will attempt to reschedule, and you will be extended an invite to attend the alternative date with no additional charge.

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