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Book: Raised Naturally

Discover relief the natural way. Know which herbs can help your kid recover from common illnesses with these at-home remedies. Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of year. It’s time to raise your child in a natural way by letting them benefit from nature’s powerful herbs.  

If you want a guide that presents a step-by-step process on how you can use herbs to remedy different illnesses your child may experience, then you can count on Raised Naturally. Inside you will discover:

•Why many people are still skeptical about herbal medicine - and why you should turn to herbalism

•How to make a herbal tea that can help increase your breast milk supply

•How to identify whether or not your child is allergic to a particular herb without compromising their health

•3 ways to find herbs - Know which one will work for you

•How to create herbal baths to remedy chickenpox and irritating rashes

•Fun and yummy herbal remedies for children’s to boost their immunity - How to make them at home 

•How to store your herbal mixtures to keep them fresh for as long as possible

•How to calm and upset stomach by drinking a simple herbal tea. 

•What herbs to use to make marshmallow snacks for your child that eases a sore throat and fights inflammation

•10 things to consider to determine the proper dosage of an herbal solution. 

Your child deserves only the best things in life. Let them experience the miracles and wonders of nature’s soothing power. 

Discover how to help your kid grow up strong and healthy using natural solutions. 

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