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Book: Peterson Field Guide to Mushrooms

This portable-sized field guide takes a simple approach to the method of mushroom identification based on key features that do not require a microscope or technical vocabulary. An ideal tool for beginner and intermediate mycologists alike, it includes:

  • Coverage of 685 species from across the United States and Can-ada, including common edible and poisonous mushrooms
  • An innovative approach to field identification of gilled mushrooms based on five key features discernible in the field
  • Species descriptions and illustrations side by side
  • Vera McKnight's delightful watercolors from the original edition, supplemented with those from six other illustrators

KARL B. McKNIGHT is a professor of biology at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. JOSEPH R. ROHRER taught botany at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for over 30 years. KIRSTEN Mc-KNIGHT WARD is a botanist, artist, designer, and educator. KENT H.

McKNIGHT was a world-renowned mycologist and the author of the first edition of the Peterson Field Guide to Mushrooms.


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