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Book: Herbal Healing For Women

Simple, Safe, and Effective Herbal Remedies for Women

For centuries women have turned to herbs to cope with a wide variety of health problems and conditions. Comprehensive and easy to use, Herbal Healing for Women explains how to create remedies such as teas, tinctures, salves, and ointments- for the common disorders that arise in the different cycles of a woman's life from adolescence to adulthood as well as during pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Rosemary Gladstar teaches how herbs can be used to treat the symptoms of conditions like acne, PMS, morning sickness, and hot flashes. A complete women's health-care manual, Herbal Healing for Women discusses:

  • Common disorders and the herbs that are effective for treating them
  • How to select and store herbs
  • How to prepare hundreds of herbal remedies

There's also an alphabetical listing of herbs, including a description of the herb; the general medicinal usage; and, when necessary, warnings about potential side effects.

By explaining the properties of specific herbs and the art of preparation, Rosemary Gladstar demonstrates not only how to achieve healing through herbs but good health as well.

ROSEMARY GLADSTAR has taught herbology extensively throughout the United States and has led herbal travel adventures worldwide. Her experience includes twenty years in the herbal community as a healer, teacher, visionary, and organizer of herbal events.

Currently, she runs Sage Mountain Retreat Center & Native Plant Preserve in East Barre, Vermont, where she teaches and sponsors workshops and sells herbal preparations. Rosemary lives in East Barre, Vermont.

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